Vehicle wrapping has become popular in recent years and practically all film manufacturers have developed wrap films with varying success, as in some wrap films don't really wrap that well, or may initially but then heavily shrink, lift out of recesses, or both.

Development has been on-going over these years ironing out those issues as time has progressed but not for all manufacturers, we have trialled every brand, some wrap initially but lift out in time, some shrink heavily and so we returned to our main preferred brand of Avery.

An end user may not know what wrap film is being used and as they all look great on the day of installation, or at least they should, it is only in time of weeks to months critical failures in the film or the install come to light, and by that time it is too late.

Even with our own preferred brand you could get a price for an Avery wrap film from another supplier and think it is one and the same, but Avery produce a high end wrap film Avery 1005 that we use, but also a cheaper variant.

What is the difference you may ask, well 2 things mainly, one works better than the other, one is £200 a roll more expensive than the other.

So to ensure we do not have any problems we only use the higher grade for peace of mind.

There are cheaper laminates too but as with the film we print to we use the higher grade of laminate.

Wrap films are a great way to add an effect to part or all of your vehicle, whether printed with any

colour, text or image, or as a pre coloured film available in camouflage, metallics, carbon effects, leather.

A colour change to a whole vehicle is no doubt cheaper painted, or it should be, with far less outlay for equipment and materials, the same or less labour time, and lesser premises, another advantage of wrap films is that you have the benefit of being able to remove the film if in time you wanted to revert your vehicle back to it's original colours.

If it is a basic straight colour and you want it to be permanent the best option is a respray, if you would like a colour or an effect not available in paint, your own corporate image, photo’s or special fills and effects, then the answer is to wrap it.

Our other preferred brand is Oracal also known as Orafol, this is a good quality film manufactured in Germany, they manufacture all of their own films which is becoming more unusual, a good range and we sometimes mix and match Orafol with Avery films if that is the better overall product.

Suppliers such as Avery and 3M make some of their own films, but also sell films made by other manufacturers, 3M more than most and use the well known brand name to sell it.

Practically all Avery films are manufactured in Europe, in Holland and the Netherlands, practically all 3M films are made in the USA and as far a field as Japan.

As in every other part of our business, all of the materials that we use are of European Union origin.