Digitally printed graphics, often referred to as large format or grande, are a great way of catching the eye of potential trade.

Any image can be printed and if required contour cut to the shape of the image.

State-of-the-art Digital Print technology.

With one of our latest machines, the Mimaki JV33, we can print to practically any media up to 1.6 metre wide by up to 100 metre long in one piece, tiled thereafter.

Great solid looking print can be achieved whether using 300dpi standard for large prints or 1440dpi fine print settings for small and highly detailed prints.

This compliments our range of printers from 1.6 metre wide to 5 metre wide but has the added advantage of being able to plot the images to any shape or following the contours exactly, again adding to our services, we can print and cut with the plotter for a self adhesive print, or we can print and apply that to any material, then contour cut it to shape on our cnc router, every angle for any requirement is fully covered in-house. This machine also runs on Soft Solvent inks which have a significantly lower amount of solvents used as opposed to true solvent printers.

A claim suppliers using full solvent inks make is that with full solvent you do not need to laminate, this is untrue, all prints have significantly more life if you laminate them too, making years of difference to you.

This means that it is not as harmful to the environment or the user with producing the ink or outputting the prints.

Image library

We carry thousands of cartoon images, full colour images and photos etc which can be utilised to create eye-catching graphics relevant to what you do or you can supply your own.

We also have lots of background images too which can be used to give a unique fill to any text or image.


We can digitally print to self adhesive vinyl with either permanent or removable adhesives for vehicles, vehicle wrapping film, pavement signs, posters, photo papers, canvas, banners, signage, curtain sided lorries, roll up banners and displays, heat transfer for workwear branding, perforated window film, wood, carpet, floor graphics and anything else you can think of.

The estimated life and durability is on the document you can find within our Information on Materials page.