Shop and Industrial Unit signs, a largescope of services are relevant to this area, covered in other pages but will be highlighted here too.

CNC routered letters and logos on stand off locators fixed to a facia or wall or bonded to acrylic panels is one of the more expensive options but does offer a prestigious, sophisticated, high quality way to promote your business.

Panels with self adhesive digital prints or cut text and logos applied is the most popular way to achieve some good exposure for your business for a moderate outlay.

If we use a very stable material such as Dibond this can be fixed directly to shop fronts, walls and cladding without the concern of expansion or shrinkage in the varying temperatures of our climate, it does still benefit from a frame but only for visual rather than as a requirement as would be the case with less stable materials such as acrylic and semi rigid foam.

Semi rigid foams can be used and with good effect in conjunction with a frame to cover the expansion and contraction, with cut graphics and/or digital prints applied.

We don’t recommend this normally just because the graphic prices, labour, installation are the same regardless of panel material so using a much lesser material for the panel only gives a small saving overall.

Size restrictions come into play too as semi rigid foams expand and contract significantly.

Acrylic panels are more stable than the semi rigid foams although not as dimensionally stable as aluminium composite materials (ACM).

Acrylic, in our case only using European Union origin materials, Perspex, being one of the few materials still made in the United Kingdom, or Altuglas being of French manufacture offer stunning finishes, a wide array of colours and effects such as smoked, metallics etc.

We recommend cast acrylics being more stable than extruded, how would you know what is used, you wouldn’t, so you have to be careful to check with any supplier what exactly they are using, extruded looks the same but will expand a great deal causing problems, we only use cast acrylics for peace of mind.