We manufacture all types of road and safety signs, we either use graphics cut from our 7 year warranted range, or digitally printed graphics, both can be standard or reflective, and then applied to a suitable material, for internal signs a semi-rigid foam sheet can be used but generally we recommend Dibond, an aluminium composite as it is about 10 x more durable for only a bit more overall cost.

If there is a requirement for a long run of one design we can screenprint which is a lot less unit cost compared to cut graphics and digitally printed graphics, this is what a lot of online sellers advertise, cheap screen printed signs sold at a high unit price.

Those are much lower quality compared to digital prints which have a laminate for extra durability against abrasion and UV, or cut graphics which are coloured films coloured throughout, most of the time our version are around the same price as the cheaper screenprinted safety signs found online, but ours will outlast them by many years.

Road signs we manufacture using aluminium or Dibond Traffic the highest grade of Dibond with a 12 year warranty.

We can fix channel to the rear with Very High Bonding tape and a flush finished rivet through the face, this is then covered with reflective backgrounds and/or graphics or prints applied completely hiding any fixings.

We then apply the necessary graphics to finish it to specification.

Using the best materials we can supply all types of Road & Safety signs.

We recommend the Dibond traffic system, using a new set of products available, Dibond traffic grade, which also has passive products available for use with it.

The passive products are items such as posts which have been designed not to cause further injury to anyone crashing into the them or the signage.

There are many more benefits using this product over most others, one for our times is that the signs can be recycled, more in that they have no scrap value as it's a hard process for anyone, except the manufacturers, to split the Aluminium from the polythylene core, they meet all current standards & are approved for use in the UK & Europe.

If you are interested in making the roads safer, recycling & stopping sign thefts using products such as these then we would be very happy to supply samples & quote for any of your requirements.

It is now possible to make road signs that are unattractive to thieves, cost less, are safer & recyclable too, so with these new products there is no excuse for any of those problems although we still see exactly the same problems year in and year out, even though the answer has been available for all of this century!