Panel signs can be used for a plethora of applications. Shop signs, Factory signs, Industrial Unit signs, Site signs, Pavement signage etc.

Self adhesive graphics from our AveryNG 700 series, acrylic letters, digitally printed graphics, built up letters etc. can all be applied or fixed to panels.

Panel signs can also be externally or internally illuminated, fitted into ali or powder coated frame, fixed to posts using channel applied to rear with 3M vhb tape with clips etc to suit.

Popular panel materials are ali composites, acrylic and semi rigid foam.

Dibond For the majority of signage this material is ideal and will need replacing less frequently than other materials.

High strength, very little expansion as opposed to Foamalux/Foamex and acrylic which can give a warping effect, very durable and stable.

Foamalux we would only recommend to use for internal signage or Foamalux Ultra (gloss) for small external signage and only where it is unlikely to suffer wear and tear.

All materials are available in factory colours but can also be coated to any colour desired.