As suppliers of banners & flags we can provide these at any size, all you need is somewhere big enough to hang them!

Banners can be produced using pre coloured banner film for the simpler ones or for more complex or full colour banners we digitally print these in-house.

As part of our responsibility to the environment we only use banner pvc from within the EU with the majority of other suppliers using Chinese banner pvc, fair enough that it is a quarter of the price and for some price is king and everything else falls by the wayside.

But if for example it came at the cost of tonnes of pollution, the death of a child and a pod of dolphins, supporting a nation with no animal welfare and few human rights, being cheap is, for us, irrelevant.

It is quality of products and materials, having a conscience, morals, ethics and service, that is king.

We use 550 gsm heavyweight banner pvc or if the banner is large we then use banner mesh which allows air to flow through.

Flags can be digitally printed with your logo or image, or they can be hand stitched using coloured material for a longer lasting verison.

Screenprinting is still a useful service, more suited to longer runs of prints from one to full colour, it is a longer process than digital printing but is cheaper.

We can screenprint to most materials.